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Pars Peyab

Pars Peyab Consulting Engineers

Pars Peyab Consulting Engineers (PPCE) with its commendable experience and qualified technical staff has successfully executed number of projects under various climatic environments in Iran and other countries. Founded in 1991, Pars Peyab is a private joint stock consulting engineering firm specialized in the following area of activities:

1Wastewater Collection and Wastewater Treatment Plant

2Water Treatment Plant and Distribution Network

3Irrigation, Drainage and Artificial Recharge

4Aquaculture Engineering and Fish Farming

5River Protection and Engineering

6Dam, diversion dam and hydropower Plant

7Port and marine Structures

8Agriculture, animal husbandry and gardening

9Geology and geotechnical investigation

Our support in the field of water collection, distribution and treatment, especially in the field of wastewater treatment has maintained an advanced specialized standard in various designs.

By implementing ISO 9001-2008 (TϋV NORD), we have further proven our commitment to customers in providing quality services of global standards. Needless to say, this has further enhanced the satisfaction of our clients, who are again undoubtedly a vital asset to the company.