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Increasing water consumption by human population either for domestic purpose or for industry has
resulted in huge volumes of waste water production. Such waters are probably contaminated with different chemical, physical and biological pollutants. Polluted water flows because numerous undesirable changes in related ecosystem even causing air, water and soil pollution. It is for this reason that waste collection and treatment plans play a important role in protecting the ecosystem and associated population.
Pars Peyab’s expertise in Water and Wastewater engineering services is a result of a combination of selective highly trained engineers who are well-experienced, being abreast of appropriate advanced technology and our consciousness on adopting cost-effective measures. .
The most important advantages and aim of constructing the wastewater treatment facilities are as below:

1. Increasing the public sanitation
2. Preventing the pollution of water and ground water.
3. Protecting the environment
4. Re usage of wastewater after removal of refined and digested sludge.
Our wastewater division activities have been categorized in to three sub divisions, as urban, rural and industrial wastewater.