CURRENT POSITION: Managing Director and Board Member


  • B.S. in Civil Engineer (1990), Tehran Azad University.
  • M.S. in Civil Engineer (2008), Baku Polytechnic University.


  • Project manager of wastewater treatment plants in more than 50 projects.
  • Project manager of environmental projects in Aquaculture complex and river engineering
  • Project manager of small hydropower plants in 3 provinces.
  • Project manager of water and wastewater plans in more than 30 projects.
  • Project manager and expert of international peojects, such as Oman, Sudan, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan




  • B.S in Geology (1985), Shahid Beheshti University.
  • M.S in Stratigraphy and paleontology (1993), Shahid Beheshti University.


  • Project manager in geology section and geotechnical department in Pars Peyab consulting company, handling / supervising more than 60 projects.
  • Project manager in watershed management plan in more than 15 projects.
  • Water Project manager
  • Project manager and expert of international peojects, such as Yemen, Kuwait, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan
  • Project manager in geotactic of Resallat and Tohid tunnel – Tehran
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Surveying often used to establish land maps and boundaries for all engineering purposes. To accomplish their objective, survey section has presented following services

۱٫Boundary survey
۲٫Topographic survey
۳٫Hydrographic survey
۴٫Cadastre survey
۵٫As-built survey

Focus on integration of Geomatics technologies and broadband wireless communication involves some of modern techniques for engineering purposes. Geographic Information System (GIS), applications of Global Positioning System (GPS) and Remote Sensing (RS), Information Management and Information Technology (IMIT), and Telecommunication technologies are categorized into this section. The company offers practical solutions for integrated Resource planning and management, Fleet Management Systems (FMS) and Incident Management Systems (IMS).

Proper survey and design of any civil structure demands detailed knowledge of related geotechnical parameters and is achieved generally by field and laboratory tests.

Pars Peyab Consulting Engineers Company is supported by hi-tech machinery and well-trained experts in this field. Pars Peyab’s geotechnical division utilizes drilling machinery, and state of the art laboratory facility to analyze soil and rock samples. We are proud of having successfully completed more than 160 numbers of geotechnical projects.

Some of the vital geotechnical projects carried out by us are summarized below
Site laboratory setup for earthen, concrete and asphalt works control in Resalat and Tuhid tunnels and 20 project of through trussed bridges

۱٫ Jetty and Piers – marine drilling and geotechnical works
۲٫ Dams and water intakes structures – drilling and geotechnical works
۳٫ Fish and shrimp farming complex – drilling and geotechnical works
۴٫ Water and wastewater pump station – drilling and geotechnical works

Investing in Aquaculture is an economically sound and proven decision. Large-scale eco-friendly aquaculture projects not only contribute to extra aquatic production but also provide additional job opportunities and spread awareness on environment-friendly values in aquatic production. To make every culture operation sustainable, a designed project should encompass facilities to have the least harming effect on the environment. This could be achieved by proper engineering design planning that encompasses dedicated structures such as sedimentation ponds, oxidation ponds, by implementation of best management practices (BMPs) in aquatic production process and by following proper and efficient waste disposal. We strive for the best to techno-assist in designing and constructing such state-of-the-art bioengineering facilities.

In aquaculture field Pars peyab has organized its activities in 5 categories as below:

    ۱٫ Aquaculture project full feasibility studying
    ۲٫ Design and construction of aquaculture facility for cold water, warm water Fishes, shrimp and marine plants.
    ۳٫ Effluent treatment facility design and construction.
    ۴٫ Evaluation, renovation and modernization of operating facility.
    ۵٫ Processing facility planning, designing and construction.

    Human activities such as using the river material destroyed the natural shape and population spot concentrate make this catastrophe more common with more damages than it was before.The river engineering plans attitude to protect and arrange the river’s shape in better way. The main activities categorize into following objects

    ۱٫ Take repossession of river bed and limits
    ۲٫ Protection and arrange the river critical points
    ۳٫ Flood control
    ۴٫ Dam investigation, study and design The objective of a hydro power

    scheme is to convert the potential energy of a mass of water, flowing in a stream with a certain fall (termed the “head”), into electric energy at lower end of the scheme, where the power house is located .The important  point of this model of energy produced  could be categorized into low cost for construction and operation, environment friendly activity , working as a main electricity net assistant , good economic parameters, high revenue and as a result of that , high interest for private investors

    Raising World population has led our planet face severe water crises, as the case with food and agriculture production. We need to conserve our water resources so as to meet the prime requirements, especially agriculture. Considering this, the Irrigation & Drainage network has been added in terminal part of large dams. Well-trained experts with their profound knowledge in this field would certainly contribute to increased agriculture production in the country.
    Our irrigation projects cover the following aspects:
    ۱٫ Investigation, study, designing of Irrigation and Drainage projects
    ۲٫ Construction supervision of Irrigation and Drainage projects.
    ۳٫ Quality control and equipment management.
    ۴٫ Monitoring and maintenance of Irrigation and Drainage projects.
    ۵٫ Water shed management
    ۶٫ Aquifer management

    One of Pars Peyab’s main objectives is to achieve water resources development in this country by harnessing available human, technological and financial resources into this sector. Such an approach would catalyze productive growth not only here but in different nations of the world.

    To achieve this purpose, we analyze the elements involved and select a appropriate approach using available hi-tech knowledge in programming, designing and operation. This is again backed by well-trained experts who lead us in taking to achieve the final objective successfully. The idea is to attain quality water production in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner.

    We have also successfully executed more than 260 water conveying projects and general site supervisions.

    The areas of Pars Peyab’s expertise include:

    ۱٫ Conveying system and distribution net
    ۲٫ Renovation and developments of Conveying system and distribution net
    ۳٫ Distribution net, basins and pipe lines
    ۴٫ Rural Conveying complex
    ۵٫ Re- engineering of lower productive operating facility

    Increasing water consumption by human population either for domestic purpose or for industry has
    resulted in huge volumes of waste water production. Such waters are probably contaminated with different chemical, physical and biological pollutants. Polluted water flows because numerous undesirable changes in related ecosystem even causing air, water and soil pollution. It is for this reason that waste collection and treatment plans play a important role in protecting the ecosystem and associated population.
    Pars Peyab’s expertise in Water and Wastewater engineering services is a result of a combination of selective highly trained engineers who are well-experienced, being abreast of appropriate advanced technology and our consciousness on adopting cost-effective measures. .
    The most important advantages and aim of constructing the wastewater treatment facilities are as below:

    ۱٫ Increasing the public sanitation
    ۲٫ Preventing the pollution of water and ground water.
    ۳٫ Protecting the environment
    ۴٫ Re usage of wastewater after removal of refined and digested sludge.
    Our wastewater division activities have been categorized in to three sub divisions, as urban, rural and industrial wastewater.